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"Some people don't know what to do, so they found a band", quoted from an interview with Roman, bass guitar player of the Public Toys. By now the Public Toys are more than just another punk band. They deliver a whole way of living that for long has been considered dead.

At the beginning of the 1990's a couple of guys from Düsseldorf get together to play punk music. As this had been heard of before several papers associated: "The grandsons of the "Toten Hosen" take on their inheritance already."But Fosssi (vocals), Roman (bass guitar), Uwe (guitar), Guido (guitar) and Usenburger (drums) go their own way and create their own style.

"Punkrock has no idols!" and in no way could the Public Toys be described as poor copy of already established celebrities of punk. For a while they've been known in the scene as a celebrity on their own: "The Public Toys are not 'opium for the people', but rather speed for a whole generation. Their first release is the EP "Tote Helden". It is local-patriotism that makes them record the next single "Drei Akkorde für Fortuna" in honour of the local football team "Fortuna Düsseldorf", followed by the LPs "5Asse" and "Punk"

End of 1997: Fossi, the band's vocalist, quits and is replaced by Pascal. Pascal is half-English - a fact that supplies the Public Toys with brilliant new lyrics. As Pascal had operated as both bass-guitar and rhythm-guitar player in diverse other bands he at one blow provides the inspiration for new music. Most of the songs are written by him and Uwe.

March 1998: Release of the single "Safety-pins on television", containing four new titles that the German underground punk scene had already been awaiting for too long. The record is released through Pascal's own label "Dirty Faces" and the punks run their tour through the country themselves.

August 1998: The Public Toys appear as supporting act of the "Toten Hosen" on two of their Magical Mystery gigs in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.

Beginning of 1999: The new songs are almost completed and the Public Toys are on the road over the weekends giving concerts. For the end of February studio recording is on the agenda. Confirmed fans are waiting for the new CD, that was actually supposed to be released in autumn 1998.

"The Public Toys are the last and only true punk heroes. So sweet that the girls lie to their feet, hard enough to hit it off with the punk scene and smart enough to write controversial lyrics that when brought together with the right music are so melodious that you don't want to withhold it from anyone..."(BUT Fanzine).

The only thing missing is the record contract!

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